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This situation has completely devastated my previous four-year-long happy and peaceful relationship with my ex-girlfriend and caused row after row with her revolving around financial problems that have all been caused by the Defendants’ crime. This has emotionally wrecked years of her life, caused mental distress and trauma and then eventually the relationship broke up. I eventually had no choice but to painfully end the relationship because my ex-girlfriend wanted to get married and have children and due to the horror of what I was going through and not knowing how long it would last for, I didn’t want to be held responsible and liable for wrecking a young woman’s chance of having a family and then being the brunt of her resentfulness for the rest of her life if it didn’t happen. During the last year of our relationship and at the time the bankruptcy order was being made against me, I could only afford to see her at the weekends because I didn’t have any money. Even then, every time I visited her all she could see was my distraught stressed out face, with all the strain of the case clearly written all over it, which isn’t pleasant for anyone. She actually told me to stop calling her during the week because every time I called her all I could do was moan about the situation because it was all I could think of and I was embroiled in court paperwork every minute of every day for years. She just got fed up with it eventually and even when someone is being as supportive as they can, they get to a point where they just don’t want to hear any more. Even when I was trying my best to remain positive and keep the relationship going, I kept hearing her say things like ‘lets not torture each other and just split up’. We did. During the break up which was very unpleasant for both of us, I was so traumatized by the case and by the illegal actions of worldwide companies doing everything they could to prevent me enforcing my rights, including bankrupting me, that at times I forgot to actually breathe for minutes at a time where I was in deep thought and frightened to death of what was going to happen to me next. These are crimes against humanity and this has been done to me by a group of wretched little losers calling themselves Christians and pretending to be upstanding members of society. The Plymouth Brethren in the United Kingdom. I believe in Zog so i’m better than you and have the right to go around battering others. This is a criminally run cult based on organised crime. I remember the months after we separated. I had moved out of the joint accommodation, and was sitting in my mother’s home with my mobile phone in my hand, more or less paralyzed in deep thought. I remember seeing the phone screen flashing when my ex-girlfriend was calling and trying to contact me, except where my mind was so overwhelmed and consumed I couldn’t consciously recognize or stimulate my body to work, to bring my conscious mind back to the earth plane to physically answer the phone. I could see the phone ringing, and I saw her name flashing on the screen, but my mind couldn’t comprehend who the name related to or what the name even meant and I just gazed blankly at the screen, watching it flash until it stopped. Apparently, and after around 7 months had passed, I had some email communication with her and she told me that she had been calling for weeks and then every few weeks and then once a month and then not at all. She said I never answered the phone. I wasn’t even sure if I believed her and then it suddenly dawned on me at how traumatized I must have been because my mind didn’t even have any concept of time passing during those months, which was from April 2015 - November 2015. Clearly she has also suffered the consequences and fall out of the Defendants’ misery and menacing behaviour and they need to be jailed. My ex-girlfriend has also been a victim because she has lost the time in her life and the time she spent hoping for a future with me. I’m fed up of wasting my time in these silly civil courts that don’t have any backbone or integrity - this case needs to be put before a jury in the criminal courts. Even now as I’m writing this, I recognize that I must have had gone through and absorbed immense trauma, and I believe it is only because I’m very strong minded and strong willed that I’ve managed to partly recover and pull myself back from the brink of death. I felt suicidal every day for several years often even crying myself to sleep and dreaming about how I would take my own life. Again this isn’t any exaggeration nor far-fetched. I was continually suffering terrible brutal nightmares where on one occasion that I can’t seem to forget, I heard unnatural demonic screams, wailing, and someone calling my name in my dreams with a voice which sounded like it was a soul being tortured and trying to warn me. I awoke in fright to find myself and my mattress completely drenched in sweat, and I mean absolutely saturated as if I was submerged in water, with my mattress actually flooded and dripping water onto my carpet. I awoke in sheer terror and couldn’t even recognize my own bedroom. It took my mind a good 30 seconds or so to come back from this nightmare into the present. I’ve never had these types of vivid dreams before in my life. I’m now also suffering symptons similar to PTSD and have blood circulation problems in my arm. I am going to litigate this case even if it takes the rest of my natural life. I am going to put these little shits in jail. Another example of other times that I’ve suffered humiliation during these cases and the years that have gone by has been when I’ve been out with friends and have been unable to pay my own way or even make any contribution to our entertainment. On top of which I remember I couldn’t even keep my mind focused on the evening because all I could think of was the wretched court cases. This mess has eventually destroyed those friendships, and the friends I had made have just faded away because they just don’t want to be surrounded by, or listen to, tearful negative rants about being financially and socially bankrupted by the people that should not be allowed the freedom to roam the streets among civilized society. It is just human nature that people don’t want this trauma in their lives and so they stopped calling. Every day I am reflecting on my life and the enjoyable life I had which has just become a ghost of the past. I have wondered what those friends are doing and if I could reconnect with them but of course people’s lives move on and life changes and so I’ll never relive those years or get them back. I keep wondering what paths my life would have taken. These circumstances really are tantamount to a bereavement - no, multiple bereavements all at once. I only have one friend left and I’m left trying to pick up the pieces to put some sort of life back together which is excruciatingly difficult. Especially difficult because I was running my own company and making contacts as business associates and colleagues rather than as friends, and as an ‘owner’ so to speak I don’t have a circle of ‘work friends’ or colleagues as such. This is because when everyone goes home at 5.30pm I’m still running my business and staff or contacts are never really friends. It is very difficult making the right type of friends in a social environment especially when one is completely penniless. My business and social life is as dead as ash. Trying to revive it is as futile as stabbing a poker into the ashes of a burnt out fire and hoping that there is one ember, just one, that will cause a spark. The bitter torment and anguish that this overall situation has caused has even led me to chew through my own lips at one point through the sheer distress of everyone ganging up on me, including the Official Receiver, other Government Departments and even the Police; all of them ostracizing and belittling me for trying to stand up for my creative rights that ironically enough protect them and their familes and their own incomes because this is what makes trade and the economy go around!! Not a single one lifted a finger to come to my aid or help me in any way at all. All these departments have done is referred me to committees and more committees or other departments so that they can wash their hands of it. It is a total failure of Government. I awoke one night in mild pain to find my pillow with blood all over it. I had chewed through my lips. This is called personal injury. It was painful. I am still often doing this as the situation perpetuates and I have to make a conscious decision to stop myself doing it before I injure myself again through the sheer distress of it. Decline of the relationship with my mother. The side effects of this situation have also had dire consequences on my family life. As a result of the breakdown of my previous relationship with my ex-partner and the destruction of my finances, at the age of 39 - current age of 42, I’ve had to return to live at my mother’s home when I was making a new life with my ex- partner and was living my own happy independent adult life - as one would surely expect to be doing at the age of 42 years old. I had moved out of my parent’s home at the age of 19 and had enjoyed an unrestricted adult life for 12 years or so without having to return to live with parents again, which I certainly did not want. I’ve had to repeatedly return to living in a total dump for the last ten years, in an impoverished little town that just attracts drugs and benefits scammers. At night times the air is filled with the stench of marujana which is sickening to a person that does not partake in it. I have had to live in a dead end town without any prospects for years now and I hate having to live there. Every time I even think of returning to that place my heart sinks, and just the thought of living there is extremely depressing. My mother is a single divorced woman, semi-retired and collecting a pension. She is a garrulous woman who is completely uneducated and every word that comes out of her mouth is trivial uninformed rubbish. Every word that she utters is negative. Even her own colloquialism is formed in double negatives. She cannot comprehend the importance of my work or career and thinks everyone’s destiny in life is to be a cleaner. I’ve had to live in a total shit hole for ten years when I should be enjoying the rewards of everything i’ve achieved. I should have an exuberance for life and be financially secure. Instead I have this God forsaken situation going through my head all day and the names of the Defendants repeating in my mind. I don’t have any patience or interest in any relationship at all with my mother or family and i’ve lost all faith in human beings. Especially little English cheats and liars. Everywhere they go, trouble soon follows. To a strong minded, intelligent, successful and educated man like myself, having to live with his mother day in day out is unbearable. I’ve been confined to a 9ft x 8ft room that doesn’t have any space for me to put anything other than my bed and, all of my clothes and what few possessions that I have left are stored in plastic boxes stacked up next to my bed. The carpet is old and torn and isn’t even fitted and the décor is worse than some of the worst council houses that I’ve seen. It is a junk house. My room has one 4ft Georgian sash window, the lighting is very poor due to the position of the house and it is like living in a prison cell. When I’m looking out of the window wondering what is going to happen next, I’m looking through the grid pattern of the sash window that obscures most of the view and which I can only imagine must be actually like looking out of a prison cell. This is certainly what it feels like. I could say I’ve already been imprisoned by this situation because all of my work has stopped, my social life has stopped, my finances and freedoms have been stopped. This isn’t any life at all. There isn’t anything funny or laughable about this situation. Asylum seekers and benefits claimants get a better life than this. I actually bought a rope to hang myself at one point in case I couldn’t endure the suffering any longer. The trauma of the situation has been so overwhelming that I often found solace in a noose. I knew I would be able to end the suffering and leave the earth plane but for some reason I didn’t have courage to take my own life. I think I had clearly lost all hope at times. I wanted to be isolated and alone. It is very sad when one finds solace in a noose, and I hope the Defendants will never ever stop thinking about the destruction that they have caused through their reckless evil behavior and if it takes a prison sentence to help them think about it, then that’s what will have to happen. My family life has never been particularly pleasant but at least, prior to this matter, it was bearable. I do not have a great deal of contact with my siblings due to a turbulent early adult life after my parent’s divorce. I do not claim that everything was all peaches and cream. However, before this situation began, I did have regular contact with my mother and youngest brother and we did our best to get along and have some sort of remote family life, even if it was distant and even if we could only tolerate one another for a few days at a time once a year; at least there was some basic unit. However, despite the great divide that this terrible situation has caused between myself and my family, on the flip side of what I’ve just said, and in spite of her own appalling circumstances, my mother has let me live in her house whilst I haven’t been able to afford to pay any rent elsewhere. I have paid all of my own bills and contributed to her bills and I’ve just about scrapped through paying for my own living expenses as often as I can. As a decent person and with good intentions it is very sad for me watching my mother go out to work at all hours of the night because it is the only way she can generate any money to scrape through life. Whilst she goes out for a few hours a night I just sit there in deep thought staring into space being unable to do anything due to being mentally paralyzed due to all of the mental trauma I’ve been going through against the Defendants. I would be a danger to anyone in a work environment from a health and safety point of view. My mother hasn’t been able to form any new relationships or have any new romance in her life or even many social friendships because she has had me hanging around for years which neither of us asked for nor want. We have had so many rows about pointless nothings that we are glad to see the back of one another. She continuously screams at me ordering me to ‘get out’ and ‘find somewhere else’ when she knows I don’t have anywhere else to go, which is insulting and degrading and leaves my emotions on a knife edge. This has created a great chasm between us. This is not the way family life is meant to be and it is in fact, an absolute tragedy and extremely sorrowful. This is your reward if you invest in the stinking United Shithole Kingdom. The above is to highlight how badly the Defendant’s criminal activity has severely affected every aspect of my life and severed almost every relationship I had. Their abominable behaviour has conceived absolute havoc. Many other people have now also suffered the fall out and backlash from their moral-less organised senseless crime and all because they don’t want to pay for the use of intellectual property rights which I have paid the United Kingdom Government tens of thousands of pounds for. Their typical old man English attitude is ‘he’s not having that’ and ‘if we can’t have it then he’s not’. The Defendants could easily have come to me in 2004 and they could have said ‘we love your product; let us distribute it and we’ll all make a fortune; here’s a sign on bonus and a royalty cheque every month’. This would have been the decent honest way of doing business. Instead they chose to conspire and carry out plans to defraud me and commit serious organized crime, as now proven in hundreds of pages of evidence. No amount of money will ever relieve me of the memory of this situation and trauma. This is Human Rights abuse and a very serious degree of harm inflicted by big corporations and the irresponsible individuals that have somehow managed to worm their way into positions of Authority. These individuals should be struck off as Directors and banned from ever managing or owning companies or businesses ever again. Continued Page 3 click here>>> <<<<Back to Victim Personal Statement Page 1 Click here
I have also absorbed terrible humiliation. Many times during the last few years I’ve had to beg my partners or mother to give me £1.70 to buy something to eat once a day or 65p to buy a stamp. I’ve had to try to squeeze a drop of toothpaste out of the toothpaste tube because I haven’t had 99p to buy a tube of toothpaste. I’ve had to drive around in the rain looking for somewhere to go because I don’t want to have to go back to the squalor I’ve had to live in. I’ve had less than 10p in my bank account for months at a time. I can’t even afford to buy a Christmas card for anyone. I’ve had to wear the same clothes for years at a time that have become completely worn out and are in tatters. When you have been extremely successful, independent and after you’ve lived a proper adult lifestyle, just having to ask for money at all makes one feel completely worthless. Having to beg for money every day for months and months and years is soul destroying. The only analogy I can think of is that it must be like laying your spirit on a rock, taking a wide stance over it and battering it with a sledgehammer again and again and again. Groveling for money is soul destroying and wildly humiliating, especially to someone who has worked all of their life and paid their own way, and it drains all confidence out of you. This terribly bitter situation has wiped out all my friendships and social life and left me feeling completely displaced, bewildered and knocked out of life. I’ve had to stand by and watch all of my friends go on in their lives with pleasant careers, job promotions, salary increases, bonuses, big perks, buying themselves properties, houses, homes, cars, enjoying affluent healthy and prosperous independent lifestyles, having their own families, maintaining their other friendships and enjoying the big Christmases and luxury holidays and having the privilege to be able to talk about these things amongst themselves. I’ve had to stand by listening, not being able to say a positive word about anything and pondering court cases, whilst silently asking the heavens why this has been done to me and what the reason is. I keep asking what I could possibly have done in a past life to attract such evil to me in this one. I keep reflecting on the last 42 years I’ve been alive and keep trying to reason or extrapolate an explanation out of a long history of memories as to why I should have to endure such a battering which one could argue is equivalent to war crimes. The only difference between this and war crimes is that my physical human body hasn’t been blown to bits or tortured, unlike my mind and spirit which certainly have. I’ve lost millions of pounds in lost opportunities, tens of millions in intellectual property rights, my business, the love, lust and hope in life and really everything. I’m no longer interested in the Defendants’ stinking laundered money - all I wish to do is jail them for lifetime imprisonment, which is what they deserve. Did you know, one of the wretched Defendants actually got given an CBE by the Queen. It means ‘Commander of the British Empire’. I bet he didn’t inform Her Majesty that his hobby and main achievement is going around defrauding people: “Thank you your Majesty - I accept this award in recognition of all the people that I’ve defrauded and made suffer for the sake of keeping my Daddy’s business going and because I can’t think of anything for myself”. His CBE should be revoked. I will be sending this complaint to Clarence House and protesting for recission of his honours because he doesn’t deserve it. The overall situation that has now been going on for almost seven years, SEVEN GOD DAMN YEARS, where my life has just been in limbo and effectively stopped. My business and career haven’t gone anywhere or made any significant progress since 2013. I haven’t been able to move on or enjoy any avenue of life. I’ve been stuck in the same position whilst seeing all of my work ruined and grind to a halt. Every couple of months I was receiving abandonment notices from patent offices all over the world informing me that I had lost my patents because I hadn’t paid the fees, when I had been paying these fees for years without fail prior to this situation. I eventually came to dread receiving or opening any post because every time I saw one of these letters appear it made my stomach churn in sorrow and disappointment. For me these losses were like a bereavement because this was my lifetime’s work going down the drain and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Nothing at all. I just had to take hit after hit. I’ve been completely knocked out of life. I reached a point where even all of my bills (besides patent fees and rent) came to a complete end. I realized that even having bills that everyone hates such as Van Insurance and Tax are things that make you feel connected to life and remind you that you are a part of life. Without any bills, a working person doesn’t have any responsibility or need to interact with other human beings. These ordinary everyday things are what give people a place in life.


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