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Also between 2010 to 2016 I had invented the Railman®. This little puppy is an amazing little tool for installing fence rails, beams, joists, and guttering etc. It basically holds tremendous weight for the user and allows them to install large materials on their own without any help. I am still proud of this little tool which is now at market ready stage and I’m just waiting to see if the Government are going to stand up for me or if i’m going to have to litigate this big case myself, in which case the Railman® will be further delayed. It is amazing. The user simply knocks it into the material with a hammer, suspends the material through a strap attached to the body and then relases the Railman® with the hammer. The physics behind it means that even a weak individual with little strength can extract this tool moving thousands of pounds in force which they wouldn’t be able to do without the Railman®. I exhibited early versions of it at the tradeshows and the response was very positive. I had filed patents on it all over the world which have been destroyed by the Defendants through their sheer greed and jealousy. The final version which is now market ready, is wildly different from what I started off with, but it is superb, I hope I can get this to market one day after I’ve beaten the Defendants. Not pictured - commercial secret. In 2017 I filed a patent on another version of the Railman® and there are two other patents pending. The earlier versions in the pics above are in hindsight represent the true spirit of innovation. It would have been crazy bringing the first one (far left) to market because it would have been so complicated to use. In this photo the end shaft acts as a pulley to hoist things. I’ve now produced many different versions and will bring out a range of this tool for different purposes with different add-ons etc. It’s a versatile, smart, handy little tool. In 2018, i’ve now found a bit of enthusiasm to get started again but it is very difficult being all the way back to before square one. I exhibited a concept of the product at the GLEE show in 2014 and it proved there is a tremendous potential. I’d already made changes to the tool by adding extraction lugs which really are the major advancement. Through my trialling and testing the earlier versions above could only be extracted by hand which took an enormous amount of force to pull the Railman® out from the timber post. I’m very careful with my products and I like to ensure that they do exactly what they’re meant to do and I like to make them as widely available and usable as possible for as many different groups of people as possible. The main problem I had found with the earlier versions is that I just didn’t have time on the job to be pulling out this tool. The addition of the extraction lugs meant that I could use a hammer to extract the tool and by joe, that made a significant improvement. I could simply sit the claws of the hammer down over the lugs, lift the hammer like a lever and it would extract the tool in seconds without any damage to the tip. I had tested hundreds and hundreds of prototypes trying to get the tip to remain undamaged and re-usable. The issue with it was that it kept bending and snapping off under force. I kept redesigning it and manufacturing it out of different materials, hardnesses and ways of tempering the steel and eventually after several years I finally got it to work. It is now market ready, and it can be hammered in to the fence post and extracted hundreds of times without any damage or even needing to resharpen the tip. My Railman® is going to be a big hit if I can ever get past this horrifying tragedy that has befallen me to eventually get it to market. I’ll post a video of the testing on . I am very proud of this invention. I don’t now which one of my products I am most proud of. They’re all brilliant.
I finished final prototyping in 2016 and after the final final final last minute all amendments done prototype, it is now ready for market. I’m working on the packaging. Here’s an earlier version of pack moulds I was working on back in 2012 so this has been a long old road. See pics on the left for earlier versions.…
I’d also sold a small volume of 24,000 Rafterclips® at early trade shows as proof that there is commercial potential. I’ve carried out dozens of jobs with my Railman® and one day it may get to market. Looking at the pics directly above of my fencebrackets going out of the warehouse it reminds me of what a journey it has been over the last 15 years. I started off trying to sell just one. There are over 200,000 in one order shown above - just one order that sold out within two weeks of hitting the shelves. I had many of these orders, enormous orders that I would spend working away the days and nights getting them ready for the retailers. I did test versions of the Railman® in 2016 and filed another patent in 2018 on another way of accomplishing the same goal. I’m currently in limbo. When I started out, my goals and dreams were to make a difference in the world, make money, live a good lifestyle and, as the business grew, I wanted to build an empire, employ people, support the economy and the community, lead people, help up and coming entrepreneurs and enjoy a peaceful life. This dream and goal has been ripped away from me by the Defendants and their serious crime. After decades i’m practically left with nothing except misery and terror. It is bewildering and horrifying when you know that a corrupt and sinister Government would rather aid and abet worldwide firms and support their serious and ugly crimes, rather than supporting their law abiding citizens. It makes you realise how small and powerless you actually are. I was told by the National Crime Agency anti-corruption unit to report Police corruption to the Police force carrying out the corruption! What confidence does this give anyone to invest anything at all ?? Over the last five or six years and whilst the civil court cases have been going on, i’ve reflected upon my life and my work and my accompishments, and I can wholeheartedly say that I made the achievement of a lifetime. The decades of raw effort and talent that went into this journey is tremendous and the fact that i’ve sold so many millions of my products are a real testament to the success and to the potential of what I achieved and what I could have gone on to do with my life and business and more importantly what I WANTED to go on and do. At the moment my life and career has come to an abrupt halt. I’ve now reported this to Interpol, United Nations, the FBI Director and the European Parliament. If you are reading this and want to help - simply click the links below to report this to the United Nations and Interpol. Every complaint will help. I’m standing up for everyone’s rights on my own without any money or legal representation and so I ‘d like everyone to help me because you’ll also benefit. I have authored a Victim’s Personal Statement for the reader to understand the gut wrenching tragedy which I have had to endure as an end to a positive, spectacular success story. Click the link here. Victim Personal Statement. I have many photos of my adventures but as i’m writing this i’m not in the UK and everything is stored on my pc at home. Perhaps I’ll update this one day or the story may continue. The above is what I accomplished without any help, funding or investment, and so I say to all those people it is possible; but just don’t try it in the United Stink Hole Kingdom because you’ll lose your life and get robbed like I have. How to run your Country - fuck over all your talent and entrepreneurs so they go elsewhere and your economy plummets to the ground, just so a few cruel losers can get rich off the back of the people that are the backbone of the economy and lifeblood of the future.
Interpol: PLEASE NOTE INTERPOL HAVE NOW BLOCKED THEIR REPORTING EMAIL FROM USE, THEREFORE WRITE TO THEM INSTEAD - They’re telling you to report Police and Government corruption to the Police and Government carrying out the corruption and they wonder why people turn to crime and terrorism! United Nations: email : Send an online message to the UN: FBI Headquarters, USA: report online: Or Write:
FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
Rule of Law Unit
Executive Office of the Secretary-General
United Nations Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017
GLEE 2014
For the reader to understand this properly, I actually designed all this packaging, engineered it all, made sure it was all efficient for logistics and warehousing and then I had to go to the port in my van to collect the goods, drive them hundreds of miles to repack them and get them ready for retail. I did this ON MY OWN. Often it would take days doing it. On average it took me 15 trips to the port because I couldn’t afford to pay the transport and it was a fraction of the price by using my van, but I had to hand ball it all in and out. It was backbreaking work, but I enjoyed it because I could see my achievements growing. I was often doing 18 hour days. Sometimes I would just fall asleep in my workshop and lose all track of time. This is the achievement of a lifetime and it is what builds the giant companies of tomorrow that support our economy. I packed all of those boxes pictured above. I lumped them all around and palletized them all etc. I built all the display stands in my workshop in the freezing cold, sticking all the labels on, drilling thousands of holes and fitting bolts in - nobody did it for me - I had to do it. On rare occasions I had a bit of help for a few hours but it wasn’t often. This is years and years of work and toil - working to fulfill my hopes and dreams and destroyed by the jealousy and greed of the Defendants.
Other Successful Professionals. I recently attended an alumni master class evening at UBC (University of British Columbia) where the guest alumni had been invited by UBC to hold a concert evening delivering some of his most accomplished works to the audience. He had been working with UBC students to help them improve their skills at a higher professional level by asking them to perform several of his compositions and symphonies. We attended the dress rehearsal and the alumni gave us an hour’s talk about his lifetime’s work and showed us sketches of his ideas on paper before he began composing the actual music. This man was 78 years old. He had won the Pulitzer prize, had composed symphonies all over the world, had produced theme music for films and worked with Sony pictures and at 78 was still working with young, up and coming, musicians. He had made a ton of money, his work is recognized worldwide and he was still exploring new ideas to discover new means of making music. I don’t have a musical bone in my body but the concert was amazing and the crowd gave a standing ovation. Even without knowing anything about music I could appreciate the talent and the majesty of what he had produced. Of course with this wretched bloody court case constantly on my mind, it made me think about my own achievements and the dreadful situation I’m in and, whilst I may not be as far along the line as the master alumni, it dawned on me at how severely this stinking case has affected my life, and drained all the passion and enthusiasm out of my life and career. The other important point about this is that at 78 years old, this man was still encouraging younger people to have a go and make the most of their talents and enjoy the start of the careers. He didn’t go around stealing their ideas and creative rights. He wasn’t standing on the stage proudly ranting off a pack of lies and claiming credit for financially and socially mutilating and butchering other people so that he could take the credit, like the Defendants; he was inspiring and proud of his own achievements and his passion for what he had accomplished. This is in stark contrast to these seedy, brainless little repulsive individuals such as RICHARD BRUNDLE, MICHAEL BRUNDLE, ABERNETHIE and HULME who can’t think of anything for themselves and so they go around defrauding small start-up enterprises and individuals. They aren’t even intelligent enough to recognize that through their own dishonest actions they are destroying the very business that they have inherited. When they finally get caught and their criminal activity catches up with them they start sending malicious emails, and ridiculing and abusing the person they’ve defrauded, in a desperate attempt to get themselves out of the shit and to try to save their dreadful loss making little business which they don’t deserve to have the privilege of owning. They clearly have no idea of how to build a business from scratch because they’ve never done it. Then you have WHEELER and his ill meaning little bunch at COLLYER BRISTOW LLp using their extensive knowledge of the law to concoct extensive civil proceedings against an individual designed to conceal their corporate clients’ criminal activity. These people, the other mindless individuals involved and their companies, are the decay in the bones of innovation and entrepreneurship. Parasites in the industry that we need to get rid of and there wouldn’t be any love lost. I will publish this entire story in my book entitled ‘United Kingdom, Killing Your Dreams - Your Patent Is Worthless’ because someone needs to put a stop to this total abuse of the patent system by worldwide corporations who pay off the United Kingdom and bribe government departments to get what they want. This sinister behaviour trashes everyone’s inspirations and creativeness and makes their lives completely worthless. Clearly the United Kingdom doesn’t have any interest in enforcing intellectual property rights because the big corporations like BETAFENCE can pay bigger taxes made unlawfully from the stolen rights due to the resources they have to put the intellectual property into effect. The corrupt United Kingdom refuses to act on this because the nation is bankrupt and they need all the stolen taxes they can get their hands on. Going back to the alumni event that I attended, I recognize that I’m also extremely talented in the innovation and products arena. Because I have managed to sell millions of my own products that I successfully took to market without any help or financial backing and produced market leading products, there is in fact a lot of credibility to what I have to say, despite the United Kingdom Government and it’s corrupt moral-less judiciary so far refusing to act or do anything about this hideous situation. The world needs to know about this situation so that others are forewarned about investing anything into the United Kingdom before they lose everything they’ve worked for, like I have. Thanks For Reading. Please help me in this fight by reporting this situation or website to the Authorities listed below.
Also between 2008 and 2016 I was developing a range of quick release fence post holders. These were a great innovation because they held the fence post tightly but without the need for tools to tighten them up. The patent office and their total incompetence wrecked that patent which was granted after 7 years and then lapsed when the patent office demanded I pay them around £600 all of sudden without any warning - this is yet another total failure of the UK Patent Office. I couldn’t pay it because of the court cases and so I lost all the years of work, another good product in the portfolio and a waste of years of investment. Actually a lot was going on between 2009 - 2014. I also developed some leisure products for fishing. It was an idea to keep fishing line on the the spool before and after use. I used to do a lot of fishing and got fed up with a tangled mess. I had the patent granted and was thoroughly excited about it and ready to get going with it when the malicious prosecution by the Defendants again ruined the entire lot. What has started out as a simple idea drawn on a beer mat has developed into a journey and the sheer number of products that i’ve sold is a real testament to the success I made and the legacy i’ve begun to make. I hope my work inspires the reader to do something of their own and if you have an idea for a business or product then follow it - follow your dreams because it can take you on some wild and crazy adventures. I sold almost 4 million of my fencebrackets before the whole lot was destroyed.
If anyone would like to report this to the Authorities, you simply have to contact any of these listed above and simply state: ‘i’ve seen this website ….. i think this situation is appalling and an abuse of civil rights, what will the Government do about it? ’. Just write something like that if you’re unsure what to say. At least it will be better than doing nothing.
There are over 800 displays stands above for all the retail outlets just from one order of about 400 stores (two per store). This was a regular occurance and a phenomenal success. I had to build each and every one, putting them all together in my freezing cold workshop LOL :)
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