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Police Corruption & Crime Page 2
Chief Constable Mike Veale at Wiltshire Police
Officer 417 T.Corner at Wiltshire Police (PSD).
Deputy Director Ian Younger at Action Fraud, City of London Police.
Professor Allan Johns at Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner.
Charges: Aiding & Abetting, concealment, corroboration, subornation, improper conduct of a Police Officer, participation in serious crime, fraud. These Police Officers could be considered having played a part in criminal conspiracy and therefore conspiracy.
What this person did: He deliberately refused all access to the records of the conversations DS LEE held with Collyer Bristow LLp at the time DS LEE claimed that ‘you have to prove patent infringement before you can prove fraud’ rubbish which is what Collyer Bristow most likely told him, and used it as one of the excuses not to investigate. This was because he knew an investigation would either prove my allegtions or prove the crimes and involvement of his fellow Police Officers and staff at Wiltshire Police and their nonsense of ‘we don’t know what [intellectual property] crime is’. He wrote several letters to me denying all access to the records under the Freedom of Information Act and used the excuse that it was because I had made a report that was being investigated when he knew the Force didn’t have any intention of investigating. He wrote a letter trying to conceal the intellectual property crime and claimed that this type of offence would have to be dealt with in the civil courts under the Patents Act and tried to make it look as if IP crime wasn’t crime at all and only lesser punishments of civil offences which he knew to be false (otherwise why would IP crime and realted offences be written into the criminal law?). because he knew that: 1). the UK didn’t have any intention of allowing anyone to enforce IP rights for large sums of money in the UK and 2). He knew that the UK also didn’t have any intention of allowing IP offences to be charged as criminal offences, despite the Police having their own IP Crime Unit funded by the taxpayer being run from London, which coincidently has never made and arrests or prosecutions when an individual has alleged IP crime. Not a single one. He corroborated with Steve Thorpe in the litigation department when I told them I would bring charges for corruption etc. and Mr. Thorpe replied with an exact duplicate of the wording Mike Veale had used when he tried to claim that IP offences could only be prosecuted under the Patents Act in the civil courts. They were deliberately trying to prevent any proper Police investigation whatsoever even after they were aware that Action Fraud had written the letter informing me they had found several viable lines of enquiry for a possible Police investigation’. Their attempts to conceal the crime is proven again in the letter from Action Fraud (City of London Police) recently in 2018 because the situation is now so serious that I don’t think the Government and Police have any choice but to investigate, because the Defendants have undermined the entire Rule of Law. Mike Veal also refused access to any Police records and told me that I would have to get a court order for witness evidence - basically - “fuck off we’re not giving you anything”.
Mike Veale oversaw the work of 417 T. Corner in the Professional Standards Department who claimed he couldn’t see how there was any crime and that over 20 different criminal offences we all the same offence as Patent Infringement which he knew was a blatant lie and he didn’t do anything about it. This person was responsible for fraudulently merging Police reports that were years apart with different crime numbers and claiming that they had investigated everything in the earlier report before the later events had even happened, which would have been impossible. All of these Officers are just trying to cover for one another and doing everything they can to prevent any Police investigation. Because I am not privy to all the confidential information the evidence and sequence of events suggests that there must be many many conversations happening between these Officers and they must have spent a lot of time planning their reposnses to me to try to make it all tally up. Officer T. Coner also corroborrated the statements of DS Lee and his fraudulent entries in to the niche reporting system.
Authored several letters fraudulently trying to cover for the Officers in Wiltshire Police. Several offences committed. More to follow shortly.
Authored several letters fraudulently trying to cover for the Officers in Wiltshire Police and providing ridiculous excuses why they wouldn’t investigate and this only happened after they had clearly been told by Auhtoriy higher up not to investigate any crime that has any relation to intellectual property rights whatsosver. Ian Younger even sent me a ‘cease and desist’ letter to try to prevent me complaining about their corruption and crimes against everyone making a lawful contribution to the Country. Several offences committed.
Update Jan 2020 - events from 2019. IAN YOUNGER PROVEN TO BE WRITING FRAUDULENT LETTERS TO DELIBERATELY CONCEAL JUDICIAL CRIME OF JUDGES RICHARD HACON, MANN, BIRSS, GIDINGS, NEWEY, McCAHILL AND THE OTHERS. In Ian Younger’s own words and on Police Force letterhead he writes further fraudulent letters in 2019, referencing earlier letters he wrote to me in 2016 wherein he claimed he didn’t know crime is, can’t see any crime and then claims there isn’t any judicial crime after I provided Judge Richard Hacon copies of the confession from Begbies Traynor Group therefore proving all of the court hearings and judgements to be fraudulent and perjured. Police Officers from the Wiltshire Police Force prove in their own words and on video footage that Ian Younger’s letter is fraudulent. Ian Younger claims that there isn’t any action being taken and he can’t see any crime and yet Wiltshire Police Officers confirm there is an active Complex Fraud investigation being carried out therefore proving fraud by Ian Younger. I would like this person removed from the Police Force and jailed for Improper Conduct of a Police Officer under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, Aiding and abetting, fraud and subornation to fraud and prevention or obstructing justice.
Wiltshire Police deliberately destroy video footage evidence to try to get away with Abuse of Function and corruption. Evidence and Proof found on 2019 Confessions and Revelations Page CLICK HERE.