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Group 4 of the Defendants and their Offences relating to a product stolen from patent GB2401616 and a criminal conspiracy between the UK firm and their USA firm to flood the US market with products stolen from my IP, that the UK firm claims they don’t have any interest in.
Defendant Simpson Strong Tie When I was starting off and trying to get big distributors etc. to stock or licence my patents and products I wrote to SST in the USA. After many conversations with S.Rosene he claimed that Simpson Strong Tie didn’t have any interest and perhaps I should speak to their UK division, which I did. After a short dialogue with the UK arm of the firm, I recieved a letter stating that they didn’t have any interest in me or my products. See copy of letter found in the 20 Section White Numbered bundle. Also shown below: After a long dialogue with this firm over a couple of years and its Director in the UK known As Ian Harrison, and after sending this firm several samples of all three of my brackets products, they refused to do any business with me or invest in me or have anything to do with any of my patented products, and at one point even had solicitors and then this: UPDATE 1st September 2018: Look at the date of the letter above: 31st August 2004. I’ve been into Home Depot today which I was going to do yesterday and for some reason didn’t get there. I went in today 1st September 2018. 14 Years later, and to the day (had I gone in yesterday), here it is, right in my fucking face:
Evidence Questions: 1). We have all of the same building methods and materials in the UK, so why isn’t this product sold in the UK ? If the answer is: A). We tried it in the UK and nobody bought it. = They would admit infringing my patent rights and committed fraud. B). We don’t think there is a market for this product in the UK. = How do you know if you haven’t tried it? There wasn’t a market for my Rafterclips® in the UK either until I invented the product and created the market. Isn’t it the truth that you know you have stolen my patent and in the UK that would be fraud under the Fraud Act 2006? 2). Where is your own patent on this product? Please provide the numbers and I will have it revoked, but I don’t believe you were able to get one, or even have one because it would infringe my patent. This Defendant is a trading partner of the Defendant in Group 3 who does in fact distribute products all over the world and sells products through it’s own stores, including the one above. The parent firm of this Defendant SST is a US firm. This is a criminal conspiracy between the UK and US firms, and because it has been done with the UK’s involvement I am entitled to the turnover from both the USA sales and the UK sales and then damages for the loss of the other patents and harm caused. Sept 9th 2018: we could now be looking at a billion dollar $1bn lawsuit in the USA. i’m waiting for advice on it. A quick summary: Group 2 Defendants, cut the piece of material out from between the side flanges and this Group bend back the arms from the side flanges. This is a complete fucking joke and the UK Authorities are being bribed, lobbied and influenced by these massive firms into allowing them to continue doing it, whilst i’m left bankrupted, defenceless and impoverished and trying to fathom reasons why this has happened to me. Did you know that in the UK the Authorities refuse to advertise or provide any information on how to report intellectual property crime?
In later correspondence the UK firm argued with me that me some of my patents were invalid and then put solicitors on to me to ward me off from policing my IP rights after a row about it. Correspondence and Emails, 2004 - 2006 TO FOLLOW. Conspiracy between UK firm and US parent Company 12 years later and when they think that i’ve been made bankrupt and unable to do anything about it, I have found that they have flooded the North American market place with a product derived from my IP rights and which without a doubt is stolen from my patent GB2401616. The first product is identical to drawings in my patent. The second product: all they have done is bent the side arms backwards. This is intellectual property fraud and a criminal conspiracy between their UK firm and American firm, under the Criminal Law Act 1977 and the Fraud Act 2006. I am therefore entitled to compensation and damages for all the sales made in North America and by the clear and obvious crime of it, their worldwide sales, which I expect exceeds tens of millions of dollars. After finding this out today, this has now put a whole different perspective on these crimes and my announced offer to the Defendants of 40m GBP isn’t anywhere close to the enormous value that i’ve been defrauded of. This is undeniable serious fraud and theft of my creative rights. I will be updating the FBI and i’m going to be putting this to the Monarch and President Trump. I will also be taking this up with Home Depot, because they are clearly unaware of this lawlessness that is being done under their own business. It is inexcusable, immoral, serious economic crime and a contempt for the value of human life.
A total fucking insult, serious and organised crime, a complete mockery of the Rule of Law, the Patent System, the Justice System and Government. Proof of a criminal conspiracy between the UK division and the USA parent company. A product which is not only blatantly stolen from my patent GB2401616 but it is a counterfeit of my own product that this firm claim they don’t have any interest in. Their Director named above then left the United Kingdom and went to have significant control and Authority in the USA firm. The FBI need to interview Mr. Ian Harrison because he is also connected to the other Defendant UK Firms also operating in the USA . Link to my patent GB2401616 click here (i may not have set this file up yet)
Product 1 known as ‘Rigid Tie’ blatantly stolen from my patent GB2401616
Product 2 known as ‘Sheathing Clip’ sold in a range of sizes such as their ⅝” and ½” shown in the pictures above. Also stolen from patent GB2401616.
This is the reward you get in the United Shit Hole Kingdom for making an unfathomable contribution to the Country. Visit Britain. Business is Good. For Thieves.
I have now reported this to the Police in the UK today (see below) and the FBI in the USA and the RCMP in Canada.
Letter of September 2018 to Defendant Simpson Strong Tie to find out what their alibi, excuse or explanation is, before I bring criminal proceedings. Sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery and yes, they did receive it.
Update Jan 2020: Simpson Strong Tie Stick Their Fingers Up To Law Enforcement and Government: Simpson Strong Tie have now gone through all of my intellectual property rights and launched new products such as post fixing brackets that are derived and deliberatey defrauded from me, even though this firm know they are under a substantial fraud investigation. They have coerced US and Canadian retail outlets such as Rona and Home Depot to continue selling these products. There are not any ‘deals’ open to Simpson Strong Tie and I wish criminal charges and sanctions to be issued against this firm. It is now proven in evidence that the Police and highest levels of Authority are deliberately refusing to take any action against any firm or individual going around stealing and defrauding intellectual property rights. See the 2019 Confessions and Revelations Page for proof of Police Force Treason.
Richard Perry 19 Yerbury Street, Trowbridge Wiltshire, BA14 8DP United Kingdom Email: FAO: Mr. Francis Blake / Mr. Craig Menear - Chairman Home Depot Head Office Atlanta, 2455 Paces Ferry Road. Nw, 09 / 09 / 2018 Tracked Mail Atlanta, GA. 30339. USA RE: The involvement of your Company in criminal conspiracies and other related offences to steal and defraud intellectual property rights from an inventor. Dear Sirs, My name is Richard Perry. I’m an inventor and business owner from the UK, currently living in North America. I wish to bring a situation to your attention and would appreciate Home Depot’s view. My work and innovations is largely focused around the construction industry. I have produced market leading products and brands that have helped tens to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and products that have inspired countless others to have a go and do something for themselves. To cut a long story short, I invested decades of my own money and skill inventing and bringing to market my own products that have become an incredible success. Instead of enjoying the fruits of my labour, I have now become a victim of serious and organized economic crime. Unfortunately my success, achievements and accomplishments have been dirtied and torn apart by a group of about half a dozen large firms who have targeted me and carried out elaborate criminal conspiracies to steal and defraud my entire lifetime’s work and rob me of my fortune and accomplishments. I have been battered by five years of civil litigation in the UK that was brought against me unlawfully by some of these firms to try to prevent me from enforcing my patent rights; cases that were based on perjury and false witness testimony issued and served by law firms in a UK Court of Law. To no surprise, the result of the litigation was that I was made bankrupt. I have come up against a mountain of corruption and dishonesty by the UK Authorities because they refuse to recognize the value of, or enforce, intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsoever. I have suffered the total loss of my lifetime’s work and success, and three years later there is now a mountain of evidence proving my allegations of serious and organized crime. I am about to lodge criminal proceedings in the United Kingdom. This situation has been reported to the FBI in the USA, the RCMP in Canada and the London Police in the UK. You may be thinking, well what does that have to do with Home Depot? So here’s the thing. At least one of these companies known as Simpson Strong Tie supplies your firm with construction fixings. When I approached them in 2004 and asked them if they would take on my products they claimed they didn’t have any interest. They claimed that they were not in the same market and wouldn’t invest in me or my patents. I also wrote to your firm between 2004 – 2007 also asking if I could supply Home Depot with my products and your firm claimed you didn’t have any interest. Now 14 years later, low and behold, I walk into Home Depot to find your firm stocking products not only intentionally stolen from my patent rights but also products that I was told your firm didn’t have any interest in and products that are under patents that are in force in the UK and Europe. See the photos below of the offending products derived from patent GB2401616: Above: Simpson Strong Tie: ‘Rigid Tie’. Above on the right: Simpson Strong Tie ‘Sheathing Clip’. Therefore I would like to know what Home Depot’s view on this international corporate crime is and if you will continue to stock and distribute these products thus making profits for your firm and aiding and abetting Simpson Strong Tie, whilst I remain penniless and impoverished and suffering the loss of all of my friendships and relationships and lifetime’s work. The situation is barbaric and shameful. This type of lawlessness destroys people’s lives and kills the spirit of innovation. It also undermines the economy and the entire Rule of Law. It is a public disgrace. I noticed your page of values published on your website and just wondered if you stand by these values or if it is just published because Home Depot thinks these are things that people like to hear which in turn generates more profit? I have begun publishing information and evidence about this on my website: I would like your firm’s view on this situation because I am presently approaching law firms in the USA to see if I have any standing in the US Courts. All of the UK firms involved are backed and supported by US firms who have carried out criminal conspiracies to try to evade punishment under the Patents Act. We all know the high levels of punitive damages awarded in the US and if I have any legal standing, I would like to hope I can rule Home Depot out of any litigation. I don’t believe your firm is aware of this recklessness, contempt for the law and lack of any corporate responsibility. Every time I visit your stores and see my own products on sale that have been robbed from me it highlights how ugly and immoral this society is becoming and I would like to think Home Depot will step in and help me to put a stop to it, regardless of the profits being made. At this point I am merely asking for Home Depot’s opinion / view on this situation. Please provide the date that you first began selling the above products in both the USA and Canada and provide the patent numbers, if you have any. Now that I have brought this matter to your attention, perhaps you would make your own enquiries with Simpson Strong Tie and copy their response on to me by the email address above. If you reply before my follow up, would you please email me your response because snail mail across continents takes way too long! Due to the seriousness of it, would you kindly give this your proper attention. I will make a follow up enquiry in October to see what progress you made…. Sincerely, Richard Perry
Letter to Home Depot 2018
(Same photo as pictured above. I haven’t repeated it because the site is getting low on memory and I need to reduce the number of photos).
Sent by Tracked Mail: LM103361730CA
Perhaps this needs to be changed to: “As part of our firm’s value we encourage our suppliers to do everything they can to butcher lone inventors and small start up enterprises. We do this by providing them with the retail power to flood the entire market with counterfeits and defrauded products. This boosts our value because those large suppliers can generate far more ‘value’ in terms of net profit than small innovators can. We’ve taken this approach because despite our business being started by innovators and entrepreneurs, we’re determined to maintain market share at any cost or risk and a little bit of crime goes along way to keeping us afloat”. Home Depot never replied. They continue to sell the counterfeit and defrauded products. Shame on you. That’s called aiding and abetting, and subornation to fraud. It’s fucking disgraceful isn’t it. January 2020: Home Depot continue to support serious and organised crime and continue selling the defrauded products.
Action fraud - Fraud Report Form
Update Jan 2020: 2019 Simpson Strong Tie Under Criminal Investigation in the UK and yet they continue to produce more and more products defrauded from my patent and design rights and continue flooding the US and Canadian markets with defrauded goods, selling them to Home Depot and Rona. Simpson Strong Tie have gone through all of my designs and IP rights and deliberately produced and distributed new products stolen directly from my creative works. They stick their fingers up to the United Kingdom, Canadian and US Authorities. Message to those Authorities: There are not settlement offers open to these people and their wretched firms. I would like criminal charges served and their assets frozen with serious crime prevention orders put in place to stop them trading. I don’t give a shit about their dirty laundered money. I want to have these people jailed to prevent them destroying other people’s lives.
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“We write in respect to your RP fence bracket. We have given the product very careful consideration and unfortunately on this occasion we have decided not to pursue your offer. The product, whilst very innovative, is outside our core range of structural connectors.” Ian Harrison, Simpson Strong Tie 31st August 2004.