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Continued from page 2. Below is more evidence that I have managed to get hold of due to the civil courts and Police deliberately blocking all access to the other evidence that proves my claims. There are some evidence questions for these Defendants and more to follow on page 4.
Letter to me from John Abernethie and his firm Birkdale Sales. I had contacted John Abernethie alleging criminal activity and fraud of my second patent. He was extremely well aware and well informed of the civil proceedings that his trading partners FH Brundle had brought against me and was well aware of the 2nd restraining order, even before I had informed them of it. Had he not been involved in the conspiracy and other criminal offences, it would have been highly unlikely that he would have known about these orders or tried to use them to his advantage because any case against him and his firm would have been unrelated until I had been informed by Collyer Bristow in their letter of 22nd August 2016. If he believed that his offences were completely separate to the Group 1 Defendants or that the actions of the Group 1 Defendants would give him some sort of alibi or reason to prevent me bringing a claim against him, or help him evade consequences for his crime, he would have challenged my allegations by providing some sort of legal defence to my allegation of counterfeiting or infringement. He wouldn’t use someone else’s litigation as a defence - that is simply nonsense. He doesn’t provide, and never has provided, any such argument or defence. In his reply he merely makes threats claiming that he will report me to the court. I countered and asked him why he thought that a restraining order in the civil courts prevented me lodging a claim in the central criminal courts, which it doesn’t. A fact even confirmed by Defendant judge Richard Hacon who made the order. He didn’t reply. He carried on counterfeiting my product and hopes that he will continually be aided and abetted by United Kingdom Government corruption and their refusal to enforce any IP rights and refusal to investigate any crime related to IP whatsoever. He will continue to butcher people in the name of Christianity. This letter is in fact more evidence that John Abernethie and his co-Defendants are too well informed to try to claim they don’t have any knowledge and are not involved in the conspiracy and fraud of the first patent, carried out by their partners in the Group 1 Defendants. This fact is reinforced by the letter from Collyer Bristow to myself of 22nd August 2016 (found on Defendant Law Firms pages) that highlights their knowledge of my correspondence with John Abernethie and Birkdale Sales which they couldn’t have know about if they were going about their business in a lawul way.
The key words in the letter above are found in the final sentence ‘or we will report your actions to the court”. He says: ‘the’ court and not ‘to a court’ which clearly proves ‘the’ court is in fact the same civil court where he thinks his trading partners thought they were winning. This is further reinforced by his own attachment of a copy of the restraining order supplied by ‘Hal’ in the USA who is acting for ABBEY TRADING in California, who are the owners of the FenceMate and GateMate trade marks and who are providing the resources to the UK firm. This gives me standing in the USA courts for criminal attempts, conspiracy, fraud etc. Abbey Trading is part of their silly Plymouth Brethren ZOG cult. John Abernethie failed to provide any legal argument or defence to the allegation of counterfeiting or patent fraud: “We have no comment or response to make whatsoever..”
Evidence Questions for Group 2 Defendants: 1). Where is your patent on your ‘Easy Use Panel Clip’ ? (i) If you don’t have one, why not? You registered a design and yet don’t have any legal defence to counterfeiting or patent fraud except ‘stop harrassing us forthwith or we will report you to the court’. (ii) Therefore, what is John Abernethie’s, Henry Hulme’s and Birkdale Sales’s legal defence to patent theft/fraud of GB2401616? As shown earlier on page 1 of this Group. (iii) If they don’t think their product is derived and defrauded from my patent, why are they using the sales pitch “it does exactly the same job and it’s 5p cheaper” - they key word being ‘exactly’? (corroborated by Smith Fencing and several other retailers who were distributing my product before they ditched mine to sell the counterfeit - if this is untrue why don’t I have a single customer left after stocking from 700 - 1000 retail outlets with my patented product?). (iv) Why haven’t you come forward and challenged my allegations with any legal defence to patent fraud? 2). When Henry Hulme took legal advice from Graham Coles solicitors, what did Graham Coles advise? If Graham Coles advised that the product would infringe my patent GB2401616, and the Defendants carried on producing the product anyway, it further proves criminal intent. (i) If Graham Coles advised that it doesn’t infringe, why didn’t Henry Hulme submit any application at all for his own patent on the alleged offending product? (ii) Patent infringement is far stronger that design protection and therefore surely as a business owner, one would apply for a patent first to maximise protection on the invention rather than just apply for a registered design? 3). Why didn’t the Defendants simply licence my patent when I had offered them an opportunity to do so, if it wasn’t due to sheer greed and jealousy? (motivation for crime). 4). Why didn’t John Abernethie simply use an English law firm to deal with a legal issue in England if the American parent firm isn’t involved in the conspiracy or crimes and helping to conceal them? (We are also looking for connections between the American firms such as Simpson Strong Tie Group 3 / Group 4 Defendants because the UK firms would know one another). 5). What legal advice, if any, did John Abernethie or Birkdale Sales take on the alleged infringing ‘Easy Use Panel Clip’ product before they decided to counterfeit my product and steal my patent, especially considering that they couldn’t get their own patent? (i) If they didn’t take any, why not? (recklessness and belief they would conceal their crimes). 6). Why did John Abernethie go running to FH Brundle when I alleged patent fraud of the 2nd patent, if he didn’t know of, or wasn’t involved in, the offences carried out against my first patent by the Group 1 Defendants (Brundle et al) and if it wasn’t to try to gain some sort of protection or alibi ? 7). What was said between these Defendants? This would open more evidence because there isn’t any lawful reason for these entities to be corroborating regarding civil proceedings if they are not carrying out serious crime and even if they mentioned it in a pub (which was one excuse) the person divulging information would only be doing so to conceal crime and would have to be a responsbile in the firm to have access to the privilleged information. A responsible in the firm would be sharing information for an unlawful purpose. 8). Why did you (John Abernethie) suddenly form a new company at Companies House at the same time you began counterfeiting and stealing my patent when you advertise that your first company has been trading for over 100 years? This is exactly the same behaviour as of FH Brundle who formed a new firm in 2010 and put all of their money (13 million pounds of assets) into it once they realised they had been caught. This is also fraudulent trading under the Companies Act and attempts to conceal offences. 9). Which of your Companies is selling the counterfeit goods and the ‘Easy Use Panel Clip’? (i) If this second company isn’t trading, then why isn’t it trading and why bother setting it up if it wasn’t to be used in crime against me? 10). What legal advice did you take AFTER I had alleged offences had been committed and who gave you this advice? 11). Abigail Heather Abernethie signed for a recorded letter about this situation and she is the financial controller or Director of these firms. What did she do after receiving these letters? Why didn’t she respond and what legal advice if any did she take independently of her husband John Abernethie? Why didn’t she report a suspicion to the Police? Update January 2020 - more questions surface after confessions received from other Defendants. See Docs list bottom of 2019 Confessions & Revelations Page: CLICK HERE
Evidence for Police to investigate: 1). Cross reference shareholders of all Defendant firms from Group 1 and Group 2 to show who knows who and who is linked to who and who would of and did know of these crimes and any part they played in them i.e: Abigail Abernethie. 2). Cross reference employees as in 1). above. 3). Obtain witness testimony or privilleged information from Graham Coles. 4). Obtain testimony from the receiver who wound up Hulme Architectural Fencing Ltd at the bequest of Henry Hulme to find out what Henry Hulme told the receiver at the time when he knew he was defrauding me and my business in order to wind up his firm, which I allege was to conceal crime. 5). Ascertain who ‘Hal’ is and his link to the parent American firm ‘ABBEY TRADING’ in California. 6). Find out who is manufacturing this product in India because it is highly likely linked to the Group 1 Defendants who also use an Indian Manufacturer known to Mehru. 7). Obtain accounts of turnover, profits and records of every transaction made for the counterfeit or patent offending product and where these products have been sold. Obtain a customer list. 8). Obtain testimony from Henry Hulme’s solicitor BP COLLINS (Suzanne Smith) who arranged meetings to settle one of the liabilities against my business and then cancelled. Find out why these meetings were cancelled. I claim it was because the Defendants were conspiring and corroborating and those meetings would have impacted the attempts of evasion of the other Defendants - foiled the plot.
Reported Defendants: John Abernethie, Henry Hulme and Birkdale Sales and Hulme Architectural Fencing Ltd to Action Fraud (City of London Police) October 20th 2018. JANUARY 2020: There is now an extensive complex Fraud investigation being carried out by London Economic Crime Directorate. See 2019 Confessions and Revelations Page: click here