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London High Court London Intellectual Property Enterprise Court Hearings Between 2013 - 2017 Defendants: 1). HHJ Richard Hacon (London IPEC High Court) 2). Mr. Justice Arnold (London IPEC High Court) 3). HHJ Mann (London High Court) 4). Mr. Justice Morgan (London Appeals Court in the High Court) 5). HHJ Colin Birss 6). Mr. Justice Newey
The Charges: 1. Abuse of the administration of justice, 2. Aiding, Abetting and Subornation, 3. Fraud by abuse of position and fraud by false representation, 4. Perverting the course of justice, 5. Conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office, 6. Other offences akin to perjury. 7. Corroboration between judges to rubbish my claims and prevent justice. 8. Concealment.
Summary of the events: What happened at in IPEC High Court 2013 - 2017 What happened at Other High Courts.
Attempts to subpoena evidence that further proves my allegations:
During the civil cases I made over 25 applications and requests to subpoena evidence that would further prove my allegations. I was refused every single time and then immediately after these refusals the same judges would make fraudulent judgements claiming that I didn’t have any or enough evidence. That is a fucking insult and it is humiliating and barbaric. Proof of my requests to Subpoena evidence OVER TWENTY FOUR TIMES: 1. 2 nd Section 4, Pages 86 and 89 – email to Rebecca Sigrist of 19th Nov. 2016, 20:43hrs. 2. 2 nd Section 4, Page 71 – email to Rebecca Sigrist of 6 th Nov. 2016, 19:38hrs. 3. 2 nd Section 4, Page 92 – letter from Collyer Bristow LLp (Patrick Wheeler) acknowledging my request or wish to subpoena evidence of 21 st Nov. 2016, 2 nd Paragraph. 4. 2 nd Section 4, Page 93 – email to Adax Wilcox of 22 nd Nov. 2016, 01:36hrs. 5. 2 nd Section 4, Page 105 – copy of my letter to the Court on 13 th Feb. 2017 stating Application made to subpoena evidence. 6. 2 nd Section 4, Page 126 – email from Susan Woolley of 24 th Feb. 2017 informing me I can attend the hearing on 27 th Feb. 2017, 16:14hrs. 7. Hearing of 27 th Feb. 2017 before Mr. Justice Mann to subpoena evidence but refused. 8. 2 nd Section 4, Page 114 – email to Susan Woolley of 21 st Feb. 2017 informing Court I wish to subpoena evidence. Email 17:18hrs. 9. 2 nd Section 4, Page 116 – my letter to the Court of 21 st Feb. 2017 requesting HHJ Hacon’s permission to subpoena evidence. 10. 2 nd Section 6, Page 22 – order by Court of Appeal, 1 st Paragraph relating to my request to show new evidence which was reused. 11. 1 st Section 5, Pages 2-6, Judge McCahill Judgement of 18 th September 2015 states there is no evidence or formulation of fraud or conspiracy claims were put before the Judge and he hadn’t seen the evidence found in 2017, in 2015. 12. 20 Section White Numbered Bundle: Tab 15, Pages 61-62, CMC hearing order, Point 1, Point 4 and Point 6. 13. Appeal Bundle in IP2015000090 (my appeal) 8 th August 2016, ‘What I’m Asking The Court To Do”, Point 1(C) Allow evidence to be subpoenaed. 14. Letter of 7 th September 2015 to Judge McCahill (delivered by hand), Skeleton Argument in Appeal in B30BS329, Main Bundle on file in IP2015000090 Page 2, Point 4, Sub Point 4. 15. Letter of 22 nd May 2015 to Betafence requesting evidence, Page 65. Betafence did not reply. 16. Letter of 21 st May 2015 to Michael Brundle requesting evidence, Page 67. Brundle did not reply. 17. Letter from Collyer Bristow LLp of 23 June 2015, Page 250 main bundle on file of IP2015000090, refusing to provide evidence. Paragraph 5: “In reply to your question regarding our opposition to your application to subpoena evidence, our clients have no obligation to provide documents to you …” 18. Application Notice to subpoena evidence from defendants (claimants at the time) lodged at Bristol County Court 19 th June 2015, copy found on Page 310 of the main bundle – towards the bottom of the page: “The evidence I would like to subpoena is….”. 19. Different letter also of 23 rd June 2015 from Collyer Bristow LLp to the Bristol Court, Page 294 main bundle states: The application notice seeks an order to “subpoena evidence”. Mr. Wheeler again conceals his crime and acts to prevent justice and tells the court: “the ‘evidence’ has no bearing whatsoever in the issues in his appeal against the bankruptcy order”. Hence my application was also refused as proven on Page 322 – Order from Judge McCahill at Bristol County Court “Application for subpoena is refused”. 20. Application to subpoena evidence made to HHJ Colin Birss, May 2017. Refused - to protect Hacon and the Defs. 21. Request during Application Notice hearing of 27 th March 2017, before GCRO was made. Refused by Hacon and then yet another fraudulent order was made by him when he knew this evidence is undeniable proof of extreme measures of crime being committed. 22. Application to Mr. Justice Morgan in CH2017 000081 prior this Skeleton Argument. 23. Appellant’s Notice and Grounds for Appeal in CH2017000081. 24. Appellant’s Notice and Grounds for Appeal to Court of Appeal but case was returned back to the High Court. The above is tantamount to Perjury and Subornation. It is Perverting or Preventing Justice, an Abuse of the Adminstration of Justice, it is Fraud by Abuse of Position and it is downright immoral and disgraceful. Please Note: besides Christy Irvine, I do not think any of the judges clerks have been involved in the crimes and are just following instructions of the judges. Main Culprits: hhj RICHARD HACON, hhj PATRICK McCAHILL, Justice’s: MORGAN, MANN, EXTON, GIDDINGS, ARNOLD.
A quick synopsis: CC13P00980: Justice Arnold deliberately prevented me from asking any questions about fraud and refused to allow the case to be heard in the general High Court. He kept the case in the IPEC. He refused all access to any evidence or questioning of any witnesses because Collyer Bristow LLp told him in court ‘it would be a complete distraction from patent infringement’ and Justice Arnold said ‘yes, yes, a complete distraction’. Had I been allowed to pursue a claim for fraud the outcome would have been entirely different years and years ago. Proven by the order of 22nd July 2013 found in 20 Section White Numbered Bundle. Page 2, para. 6: “There shall be no oral evidence and no cross examination at trial”. This is in fact UK Judicial corruption because the judiciary didn’t have any intention at all of allowing any case related to patent FRAUD to be heard and so instead they made it about “patent infringement and only patent infringement” as in the words of Lord Justice Lewison & Hacon. I was told I could bring all the apparatus of a fully constructed fence panel, post and bracket to the court to demonstrate infringement as proven on page 1 of the same order of 22nd July 2013. Collyer Bristow LLp in particular Chandi Rhani on behalf of Patrick Wheeler told me they would bring everything at then deliberately turned up to the trial without the fence post so Judge Richard Hacon couldn’t see how it even worked and he refused to adjourn. He continued a trial knowing that it was impossible to show how the offending product infringed the patent without the fully constructed apparatus and as proven by the conflicting findings of fact later in the Court of Appeal; over-ruled by his own colleagues. This further proves Hacon’s deliberate rubbishing of my patent rights, especially when there are many dependant claims within my patent that cater for modifications such as those made by the Defendants. This is outright fraud and corruption by Judges in United Kingdom Courts of Law, doing everything in their power to destroy the integrity and power of the patent system because they HATE profit and despise success of any kind. United Kingdom little shits. Court of Appeal : conflicting findings of fact between Hacon & Lewison. (chart on Defendants Group 1 page 2). The real proof of fraud and corruption is found in the Defendant’s own application for a second restraining order in IP2015000090. During the hearing and when it was obvious that there is serious crime being carried out, Richard Hacon again denied all access to any evidence that he knew proved my allegations and then he made a second restraining order. This is outright fraud and I reported it to the Police, the Judicial Conduct Office and the Queen’s Private Secretary. The JCIO replied through Helen Marsh with a barrage of abuse and excuses deliberately ridiculing me, claiming that they didn’t know what ‘Misconduct’ is and protecting Hacon and the Defendants, because they refuse to allow any claims to be successful when they are relating to intellectual property rights. This is the appalling derogatory abuse any innovator will face in the United Sleazy Little Stink Hole Kingdom if they try to enforce intellectual property rights. Statements made by Richard Hacon during the civil cases CC13P00980 and IP2015000090 including restraining orders and appeals etc and the hearing of the second restraining order on March 27th 2017 in IP2015000090. 1). “If you win in the Court of Appeal, this will be a fraction of what they will have to pay you”. When he knew that the judiciary didn’t have any intention of allowing any win by any inventor whatsoever. This is proven by the fact that there isn’t a single case in UK precedent where an inventor has successfully sued a group of worldwide firms for millions of pounds for IP related offences. 2). “If there is anything that vindicates what you say, then there will be criminal sanctions”. During the strike hearing in September 2015 when he more or less refused to allow me to speak about any offences of fraud etc. and cut me off mid- sentence, despite me having prepared a 16 page document and all the evidence proving fraud. Then he refused to allow any other details to be presented and refused to allow the particulars of claim to be amended to include fraud and used the bankruptcy as the excuse, despite knowing that the entire situation has been caused through the serious crime of the Defendants. Well - here’s the evidence Hacon - you ridiculous, weak, corrupt and pathetic little loser - published throughout this site. So what are you going to do about it - CLEAR VINDICATION OF WHAT I SAY. The truth is - he didn’t have any intention of imposing criminal sanctions despite knowing Stuart Baran was standing there lying to his face and presenting perjured document after perjured document. 3). “Go to IP Pro Bono and ask them for an opinion on infringement and bring it back to me”. In relation to the 2nd claim of patent fraud of GB2401616 and the other Group 2 Defendants who I was trying to add into one claim during the strike out hearing and the 2nd restraining order hearing. I did as he instructed and went to IP Pro Bono who refused to provide any opinion at all as proven on Group 2 Defendants page. Hacon was colluding with this department or the go between who he knew would have contact with them and low and behold they deliberately perverted justice to prevent any claim being litigated. 4). “what if the bankruptcy order has been obtained through fraud?”. Question to Barrister Mr. Austen who replied: “but you said there wasn’t any”. Hacon says: “oh, yeah. right…I am satisifed that Mr. Perry will continue to bring claims..” blah blah fucking blah and then granted the Defendants their 2nd restraining order. This is a total contempt for the value of human life, total irresponsibility and an blatant abuse of power. Patrick Wheeler and Chandi Rhani were present at this hearing. They had authored/collated and issued the application and court bundle. 5). “I don’t think that it’s appropriate that I deal with the appeal…”. Hacon directed me to Justice Marcus-Smith who either clearly didn’t want to get involved or had no idea what was going on. He didn’t make any order or hear any evidence and passed me back to the Court Office who passed me back to Hacon. This took another month or so deliberately running me around and fobbing me off and trying to prevent me litigating my claim. Hacon then fobbed me off to Judge Colin Birss (in relation to requesting to subpoeana evidence for use in an appeal that never went ahead). Colin Birss made a fraudulent judgement, denied access to evidence, asked me to appeal (which I did) and then refused all correspondence. This appeal is still outstanding and has been burried by the Court. Judge Colin Birss says: ‘what are your grounds for appealling?’ and I replied ‘because you told me to’. At this point the whole thing has become such a fucking pantomime that I had lost all faith in the United Kingdom Justice System and after spending five years of my life in terror I decided that I would take it to the criminal courts instead. At the time I was going to do this, the Police then started intervening again and I have been in North America for the last year or so. I am now waiting to see what the United Kingdom is going to do about this barbaric situation. I will be lodging criminal charges if nothing is going to be done, pro-actively. I do know that there is a full scale Police operation in progress and that a team have been or are being briefed and have the approval and support of the Royal Household.
Defendant Judges
Questions for Hacon: Upate Jan 2020 - see further questioning for Richard Hacon on 2019 Confessions and Revelations Page Click Here. Richard Hacon has deliberately made fraudulent judgements and then tried to deny all access to the civil court hearing tapes that expose the fraud and what can be heard on those tapes proves the judgements are fraudulent, largely by Richard Hacon deliberately denying all access to any evidence that proved my allegations of serious and organised crime. Mr. Justice Morgan - London High Court. Corroborated and colluded with Hacon (as proven in the wording of his own judgement) and aided and abetted McCahill in Bristol County Court. I pointed out McCahill’s judgement was fraudulent and corrupt and Morgan ignored it and pretended he didn’t know what fraud and corruption is and then dismissed my appeal as ‘doomed to fail’ and ‘totally without merit’ despite seeing indisputable proof of serious crime and fraud. I did not bother appealling this because the whole lot of these under- achieving little losers are all in bed together, conspiring to comit misconduct and abusing the administration of justice and had no intention of resituting me because they refuse to recognize the value of intellectual property rights in the United Kingdom. It is a public disgrace and injustice to anyone making a lawful contribution to the Country. More to follow.
Update Jan 2020: The next update will provide transcripts of the court hearings that will be shown next to the published judgements to prove judicial crime. Currently, Richard Hacon and the others in London High Court are blocking access to these tapes because they know it proves their fraudulent and criminal judgements. See: 2019 Confessions and Revelations page.