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Bristol High Court & Bath County Court Hearings Between 2015 - 2017 Defendants: 1). HHJ P. McCahill (Bristol High Court) 2). District Judge Giddings (Bath County Court) 3). District Judge Exton (Bristol High Court)
The Charges: 1. Abuse of the administration of justice, 2. Aiding, Abetting and Subornation, 3. Fraud by abuse of position, fraud by false representation, 4. Perverting the course of justice, 5. Conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office, 6. Other offences akin to perjury.
Summary of the events: What happened at Bath County Court: Judge Giddings: 1) Pretended he didn’t know what fraud is. 2). Allowed a hearing to continue and made a bankruptcy order when Collyer Bristow did not serve the documents properly or even provide me with a copy of the court bundle. What happened at Bristol High Court: A quick run down is that judge Patrick McCahill made fraudulent judgements, denied all access to any evidence, involved other judges in the mess and coerced them into committing criminal offences and to do everything they could to block and prevent my claims, whilst aiding and abetting the Defendants and the staff at the Bristol Official Receiver. His main judgement to dismiss my bankruptcy appeal was about 7 pages. Find a copy on the Evidence page if it is upload yet. He did everything he could to protect FH Brundle and stated over five times that I did not have any right to appeal his finding. If you read the judgement with my explanation of it, you will instantly see the sheer desperation in the way it is written to do everything possible to prevent the bankruptcy being successfully appealed. This is because the United FuckHole Kingdom the nation of little shits, refuse to recognize the value of, or enforce, intellectual property rights under any circumstances, therefore stealing your lives and investments. If you invested in IP for your children’s future, that future has already been murdered. Your investment and hopes of a better future for your children has already been slaughtered by these sleazy corrupt little pricks. Useless old men.
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I made an application to appeal the bankruptcy order with extensive evidence that I had that hadn’t been seen by the Bath County Court. As part of that process I made an application to subpoena evidence from the Defendants to use in my appeal that would prove that the bankruptcy order had been obtained through serious crime. The bankruptcy order had been petitioned by the Claimants and the law firms involved in brining malicious prosecution cases to a UK court of law based on false witness testimony and perjury. This was done to try to conceal a multi-million pound fraud of my intellectual property rights. The Judge at Bristol High Court who is now also a Defendant in the criminal case I will bring, firstly denied all access to the evidence and then made a subsequent fraudulent judgement against me stating that the reason for dismissing my appeal is because I didn’t have enough or any evidence. That is outright fraud and abuse of the administration of justice. it should mean instant removal from Judicial Office. The underlined text in the order opposite says ‘Application for Subpoena is refused’. Continued below:
After I was yet again refused all access to any evidence, the Judge then made another fraudulent judgement containing several false and misleading statements to support his own fraud. Detailed below. This is a serious criminal offence of perverting the course of justice, offences under the perjury act, a total abuse of power and administration and it is downright immoral and a public disgrace. This was subsequently condoned yet again by Mr. Justice Morgan sitting in the London High Court who heard my final appeal to the bankruptcy order. I informed him of judicial fraud at the Bristol County Court and copied my appeal argument to the Queen’s Private Secretary. After I had done so yet another fraudulent judgement was made against me by the London Judge dismissing my appeal and claiming it was ‘totally without merit and doomed to fail’ and all the usual bollocks and fraud that I had encountered at every other court. That judge is also a named Defendant. This is the horrifying extent to which this corruption goes, to rubbish intellectual property rights and prevent anyone from enforcing it under any circumstances whatsoever. The copy of the London judgement and my appeal arguments can be found under the main pages. Anyone reading it will immediately see that there is serious crime being perpetrated and covered up and supported by the United Kingdom Authorities. The Bristol Court; Judge Patrick McCahill’s next fraudulent judgement: Main statements: Judge Patrick McCahill issued a judgement stating that my: “new claim form alleges not only patent infringment but conspiracy and to cheat steal and defraud”:
In FACT, and in McCahill’s own words, he claims he is dismissing my appeal because I couldn’t sue twice for the same thing and if the claim had alleged ‘conspiracy to cheat, steal and defraud’, there would have been an entirely different outcome and a claim heard for those allegations. Again and in FACT there hasn’t been any such claim as of yet. The above claim for patent infringement (because the wiltshire Police told me I had to sue for patent infringement because they were aiding and abetting Collyer Bristow) was was struck out in September 2015. This was because I didn’t have a right of action because Hacon claimed it vested in the Official Receiver who deliberately aided the Defendants and refused to sell me a right of action at any time before the September hearing, which they had promised to do. This was done to deliberately prevent any claim going head, even though the court has the power to allow amendments and changes to claims after issue and so it could easily have been changed to fraud and conspiracy, but Hacon blocked it. After the hearing and after the claim was struck out, Mark Forge at the Official Receiver then replies stating that he hadn’t given my case the proper attention blah blah blah, after he knew the case had been dismissed and he thought a right of action would be useless to me. I said : ‘ok then, please sell it to me’ and he immediately fobbed the case off onto Begbies Traynor LLP law group to try to absolve himself of participating in serious crime. The claim form and appeal were flawed because the Wiltshire Police told me I had to sue again for patent infringement after I had already made a counterclaim for patent infringement. I knew that wasn’t right. DS Lee told me to sue for patent infringement after holding conversations with the Defendants Collyer Bristow. See Police Corruption page (top menu>> Government corruption>>>police corruption. In fact the word conspiracy was unknown to me because I didn’t realise it was an actual offence at the time. This proves a judicial mind instantly recognises the offence of conspiracy has been committed and then McCahill made a fraudulent judgment against me. I have gone through every line of his judgement that will be described shortly. He has heavily supported the Defendants. To reiterate: he makes a judgement in June refusing access to evidence and then makes a judgement in September claiming that I don’t have enough evidence and then he lies about the content of the claim form. This person should be removed from Judicial Office immediately. I reported this to the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office and they claimed they didn’t know what ‘Misconduct’ was. I also reported it to the Police who claimed they didn’t know what crime is. This is serious fraud and crime being carried out by judges to follow the orders of the United Kingdom Government which is to refuse to recognize or enforce intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsoever. Link to the Full judgement of McCahill click here or try this one: Click here server 1 Link to a letter from myself to McCahill demanding explanation Click Here or try this one: click here server 1 My explanation of this judgement Click Here (may not be uploaded yet).
It doesn’t. In fact it doesn’t say anything of the sort. Those words do not appear anywhere in the claim form at all. See Claim form below of the proposed claim which at the time was for a mere 500k for patent infringement, because barely any of the evidence proving serious crime had become known and hadn’t surfaced at the time:
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Brief details of claim “CLAIM FOR PATENT INFRINGEMENT UNDER SECTION 74 OF THE PATENTS ACT 1977, AN ORDER FOR ANNULMENT OR STAY ON A BANKRUPTCY PETITION 92 OF 2014 and an order for a final injunction to prevent further sales of the product in the UK territory’. That doesn’t say “conspiracy to cheat, steal and defraud”, at all: that’s called Fraud by False Representation under the Fraud Act 2006, being carried out by a judge to prevent justice, another offence. If you have had any judgement made by this Judge Patrick McCahill you need to appeal it immediately and cite this case as proof of this person making fraudulent judgements and carrying out criminal offences. We don’t need gutless little cowards that follow orders in our judiciary. You want power and authority and yet don’t have balls to stand up to corruption because you’re afraid of losing your worthless job.
Application for Subpoena is refused..”. Filed in appeal B30BS329. Full doc can be found by clicking link further down page.
Defendant Judges
Judge Exton: 1). Corroborated with Judge McCahill, 2). Aided and abetted Mark Forge/Bristol Official Receiver and committed criminal offences. 3). Refused to provide the order made until after September 2017 hearing so that her order could not be used as leverage for an appeal. In one of my appeals in the Bristol High Court in September 2015 to continue as a Director (because I had been made bankrupt so I needed permission from a court) the hearing was supposed to be before Judge McCahill and it was a preliminary hearing almost like a CMC to determine what would happen; fix dates etc. for the full hearing. When I arrived at court, the gutless little coward McCahill had amended the hearing so that he didn’t hear it and passed it off onto Exton, to try to keep his hands clean. Exton completely diverted from the original point of the hearing, claimed it had now become the full appeal hearing which it hadn’t as the evidence I had wasn’t even filed, and then dismissed my claim telling me I hadn’t filed any evidence and that I could re-apply. This is fraud. She did this in time for the strike out hearing before Richard Hacon on 25th September 2015 that was to take place in London two days later, so that she made sure that I didn’t have any avenue of contesting the strike out because of obvious fraud. Had she upheld my appeal and reinstated my Directorships it would have proven fraud and therefore Hacon would have been forced to consider the amending of my claim form to fraud etc. and we would be in an entirely different outcome now. This fuck up with the claim form in IP2015000090 was because the Police (DS LEE) had deliberately misled me into suing for patent infringement twice when it clearly should have been fraud in IP2015000090. The Police had refused to investigate any IP related crime and claime dthey didn’t know what crime is. Had this happened Richard Hacon would have had to adjourn until the appeal had been finished in Bristol and at the point the situation would have been put back on the correct course - of myself winning and obtaining proper justice. All of these Judges knew this and have corroborated with one another and done everything to block my claims being litigated. All of this can be heard on the court tapes at Bristol High Court. I’ve been denied all access to any transcripts or having the tapes transcribed. It should be noted that McCahill, Exton, Britton and Mark Forge were involved in covering up the defrauding of my previous business BlackRock Construction Ltd by HMRC years prior to these events. This was because I was over the VAT threshold and legally had to charge VAT to customers. HMRC refused to allow me to register. I told them I would start charging VAT anyway because the law said I had to. They refused to repay me the overpaid VAT which was tens of thousands of pounds and brought a massive malicious prosecution against my company to drive it out of business. To clarify: the UK sued my businesses to try to cover up corruption and steal the VAT my business was owed. I’ve kept all the evidence because I felt it was so unfair but at the time I didn’t realise there was so much corruption in the UK. That ruined that business - another thriving business employing over a dozen people, making good profit. Destroyed by the United Shit Hole Kingdom. I demand these judges are jailed for their involvement in this.
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